How to make people say YES to become insurance agent?



          Today, recruiting someone as an insurance agent has become a tough task. The negative attitude of people towards the word “ agent “ is becoming more rigid. No one wants to work on commission basis and everybody wants a job security. In this type of market situation, recruiting even a single agent is a month seems to be a very challenging task.

  Yet, there are many successful insurance recruiters, who are regularly recruiting most productive insurance agents and generating great business from them. What is it that they are doing differently? What type of people are they meeting? How are they sourcing such people who are ready to work as insurance agent? What script are they using while convincing the potential insurance agent? There are many such questions which might be coming to your mind when you see these successful insurance recruiters growing in the company and earning great money.

    The approach which these successful insurance recruiters are very ‘Pro-agent attitude’. Pro-agent attitude means, when they are talking to the potential insurance agent they talk in a way where the potential agent feels that he is not here to make him agent because he is having recruitment targets, but he is offering me this opportunity because he genuinely cares about my betterment and growth. When you talk in a way where you show the genuine concern about the other person and his growth, then only the other person with listen to you. Remember, showing genuine concern will only open the potential ears to you. It does not mean that he will join you only because you have shown concern about his growth to him. There are different approaches of convincing a person to be an insurance agent. To understand these techniques you have to first understand the mindset of the person with whom you are dealing with. There are many different reasons for people to join insurance industry as agent and below are some of them which are commonly found to be as high motivators.

   Successful insurance recruiters design their conversations and try to talk more on these motivating approaches.

   There huge amount of people who are desperately waiting for an opportunity which will help them to grow in life. Growth has a different meaning to different people. Some wants to grow financially, some wants to grow their social status or some wants to grow the personal ability to earn more money. Insurance industry or an agent’s profile can be a place where they can satisfy their want for growth.

               Not all people work for money. There are people who want other people to appreciate them, clap for them, cheer them and recognize them as an achiever in life. These people join agent’s profile in insurance industry after understanding the rewards and recognition culture of the company. 

            Sometimes people are in acute need of money to clear their debts and don’t know how to arrange extra money to pay them off. These people first check that how fast they can earn their first cheque and once they understand that it surly is a great source to earn a regular extra income, they would join immediately.

            There are huge amount of people who are waiting to just kick their boss’s ***, if they get a good alternative opportunity to earn. They are too much fed-up with ever increasing job pressure and wants to do something independently. They want to experience the feeling of being their own boss and not being accountable to anybody for what they do and how they do. When they see an independence of work and a feeling of being an entrepreneur along with the experts help to make them successful in their business, they sign-up immediately for being an insurance agent.

            There can be many such reasons for people to join as insurance agents. We should learn to identify their needs and design our conversations accordingly. There are different techniques and approaches which can be learned through specialized recruitment activities. These recruitment activities have been practiced by many insurance recruiters and have understood to secret of convincing the toughest profiles to join and insurance agent. There are many successful insurance recruiters who have learned and understood these techniques, practiced them on daily basis and have got great results.

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Author – Ravi Takle
Agents Recruitment .com
Most Effective Ways of Recruiting Insurance Agents

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