2 Secrets of Recruiting Most Productive Insurance Agents

               Recruiting insurance agents has always been a big challenge, filled with dilemmas and many unanswered questions. While sourcing an insurance agent, we always have this doubt in our mind, that the effort which we are putting in to recruit, train and develop the new insurance agent is going to pay-off or not? Is this new agent going to work hard to pour in more business? Is he going to be an asset or a liability? No one want to ‘carry dead woods’ in the team, especially when the pressure of business targets is piling on our shoulders. Unfortunately, 80% of insurance recruiters fail to recruit productive insurance agents only because they have not set the basic criteria of screening the profile of a person before offering him the agency. Hence, many-a-times it happens, that ‘we bring in a wrong person to a right place’, which ultimately spoils the whole productive work place.

            The insurance companies have understood and also have tried to address this issue well in advance by setting their own criterias for appointment of insurance agents. Yet, it has been observed that, due to business pressure, the set rules of appointing an insurance agent are frequently overlooked and as a result people who are not serious about working and earning money get recruited. Moreover, the mentality of people towards the word ‘agent’ is also increasingly becoming negative and hence, it is becoming more difficult to recruit right people.

            Despite of all odds, we can still recruit most productive people as insurance agents. People who will bring in great business and will grow along with us. People who are willing to work and earn good money on commission basis are still out there yet to be approached or made aware of such a fantastic earning opportunity which they can explore. There are many Development Officers, Sales Manager & Business Development Managers in insurance industry who are recruiting great agents despite of all odds and even generating great business. How they are doing it? How they are managing to recruit good agents and generate great volumes of business? What new techniques and sources they are using to recruit good agents?

            The answer to these question is, they all are following two techniques religiously and are getting great results.

       A.      Sticking to the basics criteria of recruiting agents and  

The basic criteria of recruiting insurance agent should ideally be as :

A.    Basic Criterias:

1.      Educated
2.      Responsible ( Married or should have dependents )
3.      Living in the city for atleast past 20 years
4.      Should have need to earn extra money
5.      Should have a zeal to work as an entrepreneur.

The recruitment activities which most of the successful insurance recruiters perform, are the very important secrets to their great achievements in insurance industry. There are specific recruitment activities which have helped many insurance recruiters to build some of the most productive insurance agents’ in their team. Those are the people who have contributed to create many MDRTs, COTs and even TOTs. The recruitment activities which they execute are driven with the specialized approach and with immense focus on doing each and every aspect of the activity correctly and with a difference.

There are mostly two types of recruitment activities which they execute:

Active Recruitment Activities are those recruitment activities where you meet your potential insurance agent personally, with a proper appointment and convince him to join you as insurance agent. It can be a  one-on-one interview based recruitment activity or even a group recruitment activity. The conversion ratio in this type of recruitment is very high and most importantly you get best opportunities to interact with you potential insurance agent before they join you.

Passive Recruitment Activities are those recruitment activities which helps us to generate productive and precise database of the targeted profile which we want to recruit. For example, let us assume that we want to recruit house wives or professionals like Doctors, Lawyers and CAs or retired people or even ex-army men in our team. Passive recruitment activities are designed to help us generate the database of specific profiles which we want to recruit. Once we have the precise and productive database, it becomes very easy to approach them and convince them to join us as insurance agents.

We at Agents Recruitment .com, have compiled the most productive recruitment activities in our best selling training material “ Recruiting Agents ( Edition 1 & Edition 2 ) “. The training material is available in instantly downloadable PDF format from our website www.agentsrecruitment.com. All the recruitment activities has been tried and tested in real life, in real situation and with real people and hence they have given great results in all parts of the country. To download the training material, visit us at http://agentsrecruitment.com/products/.

Author – Ravi Takle

Agents Recruitment .com
Most Effective Ways of Recruiting Insurance Agents

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